Lil Nas X – THATS WHAT I WANT (Official Video)

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8 million views in 1 day.. this man does knows how to do the thing

As a straight dude this song is still so relatable. Everyone’s been there loving someone who you find out you can’t have. Makes me tear up every time.

I used to be a fan, but after hearing this masterpiece, I’m a whole air conditioner

Who else has this on full blast right now?

OMG I live this guy so much, he’s got the balls to make people sit up and listen and i totally respect him. u deserve respect from everyone

As a 40-year-old gay man, who is single for the first time in years, this one hits cuts deep. I would love to have someone there to love me as I am. That’s what the fuck I want!

Definitely took his artistry and marketing up many levels….

Lil Nas X is exactly what hip-hop needed. I love that he is deliberately over-the-top in his art so that nobody can try to push him into a heteronormative box. He’s a star.