Lizzo – About Damn Time

Lizzo – About Damn Time [Official Video]

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I adore me some Lizzo. This just proves how talented she is. I love this house style dance vibe song. Fun and I’m ready for the new cd.

This is what I love about Lizzo. She’s such an inspiration to all. Her songs are sassy but full of positivity. Makes me damn good about myself. Love her

I would never understand why people made her feel unattractive when she was growing up. She’s gorgeous. And I love this song!!!

Lizzo i love you si much you dont know how i really need this song

Her smile at the end is just so genuine. She inspires me to be happier about my life. Love me some Lizzo…

I’m literally tearing up! The lyrics are so healing but it’s a hella happy song and i’m going to be listening to this every time I’m feeling down! Lizzo thank you thank youuuu!

just in time for summer 😮‍💨

Que ino mais lindo e perfeito,. Ela canta tão perfeitamente que eu vou no céu e volta,. Saio da terra e entro na melodia e é a coisa mais linda e perfeita que eu já escutei!!!!.