Lizzo – Rumors feat. Cardi B

Lizzo – Rumors feat. Cardi B [Official Video]

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LOVE seeing a pregnant woman working and doing what she loves. Love lizzo, always and forever!

I might be a metal head, but this woman is a legend. She’s down to earth, beautiful and she represents the big girls. We love you. Keep being the awesome woman you are.

I love this song, the message behind it is pretty simple. We as women should be lifting each other up, not putting them down, sending hurtful and hateful messages that you would probably NEVER say aloud. Our maybe some of these people are insecure with themselves, well self love. We all need it. Not everyone is a size 6. Love you Lizzo!

Lizzo should be protected at all cost. This woman is a treasure.

Lizzo is an absolute icon and I love that they made this video when Cardo was REAL pregnant. Big girls can be sexy if they wanna be and so can mamas. Neither pregnancy nor body fat make anybody any less sexy, strong, confident, or powerful.

“Black people made rock and roll” I fucking love that she said that, because it’s true and people seem to forget that or don’t even know that. A LOT of great music is thanks to black people. <3

I don’t know what it is but Cardi B really shines in every single feature she does with other artists

This song is empowering on both lines.. the person being talked about AND the person believing what’s said