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Lobsters – Noble Knights of the Ocean | Free Documentary Nature

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The knights of the deep are on the move; almost no part of their bodies is without armor! Like
medieval warriors, these fighters are well armed – not with sword and shield, but with scissors and forceps and defensive armor that is covered with spikes and hooks. And even though they are well protected and possess an uncanny awareness of their surroundings, many of these proud knights will face a gloomy destiny.

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There is a guy I found on YouTube who bought a live lobster from a grocery store to let it live in a large saltwater tank in his home. He named it Leon and it’s doing very well. When it was clear Leon was going to live, he got the lobster a slightly larger tank with a little rock cave and a few of fish for it to watch. We’re such an odd species.

This was so beautifully filmed . The narration amd music added to the general excellence . The video was suggested after I watched the video about Leon the lobster rescued from the grocery store and given a new life – well worth a watch .

As someone that works in the lobster industry in Nova Scotia this is a really nice informative video 😁 ( And lobster was considered poor people there were people that actually used to close the blinds when they would eat it for supper because they didn’t want their neighbors to now)

That was a really good documentary really, I live in NB, close to where they filmed that, I always imagined what was under the sea, but I never thought there was such an amazing biodiversity, makes me want to dive and explore. it’s really beautiful

I really enjoyed how the documentary touched on animals other than just the lobsters. It felt like I was getting a little whirlwind tour of all of Nova Scotia’s wildlife.

I had no idea lobster could only breed when they had just molted. It’s certainly an odd strategy… but hey, they’ve been around longer than us, and live over a century, so they must be doing something right.