Lockdown: 2025 | Full Sci-Fi Thriller Movie | Exclusive to Sci-Fi Central – Watch Full Movie

Lockdown: 2025 | Full Sci-Fi Thriller Movie | Exclusive to Sci-Fi Central

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Lockdown: 2025 – |n the shadows of a highly contagious virus, a family seeks shelter in the safety of their own home during a nationwide LOCKDOWN, in which MARTIAL LAW is declared. With nowhere to go and danger approaching, the family is forced to confront the evil from within before it consumes them all.
2021. Stars: Cosey Parker, Tim Plummer, Marcus Tark
**Under exclusive license from Bruder Releasing Inc. All rights reserved**

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To the cast and crew, thanks for doing a great job. Very realistic acting, scenes, story, reactions. Thank you, Mr Glenn Plummer, for all your contributions to the entertainment industry.

Wow! Just wow! Did not see that ending coming. Kudos to the cast and crew, nicely done.

This turned out much better than I expected. The beginning was a bit slow, but as soon as you got into the real plot, it kept me riveted till the end. The twist at the end blew my mind. Superb acting on everyone’s part and kudos to whoever made this little gem, it was awesome. 👍👍👍👍👍

As soon as I saw the guy who plays the dad, I knew this was going to be good. He’s a very underrated actor who’s been around since the 80s.

Wow, this was such a well written movie. Acting was phenomenal!

Had me glued to the screen, especially the gun scene between the detective and the dad. Well done acting.

Nicely directed and produced. The acting from all the actors was superb. Thanks for uploading this.