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LOVELAND Trailer (2022) Hugo Weaving, Sci-Fi, Romance Movie

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Great thing about mid-budget sci-fi movies is that they don’t come with all the expectations of, say, Villaneuve’s Dune. In lowering your expectations you open yourself up a bit more and if the movie has heart it can become a more personal experience. I think Ivan Sen has made great films. Hugo Weaving is an actor’s actor, Ryan Kwanten should be the next James Bond, and Jillian Nguyen looks mysterious and alluring in this. How do we get to watch this film, I wonder.

Hugo Weaving fits perfectly for the role of Hans Zarkov in a Flash Gordon movie.

Haven’t seen Ryan Kwanten and Hugo Weaving in a while, looks like a good indie, I’ll definitely check it out.

Personally I cannot imagine anything worse than living forever. It would lead to an existence without quality, without purpose, without faith or fear and that is terrible.

Um, no one wants to live 75 years without love.

Wow! It’s like Bladerunner but with under tones and emotions turner up to maximum. Need to see this. Don’t remember the deets, but its pallette has slight notes similar to William Gibson’s Idoru

Love Ryan Kwanten & Hugo Weaving, will go see this movie when available.

Sadly our corporate world loves us to become more like machines and just work and obey. This is a warning movie.

Blade Runner like thriller, but all humans have become ‘machine like’ except a few who are hunted. How bleak can you go?