Machine Gun Kelly – drug dealer feat. Lil Wayne

Machine Gun Kelly – drug dealer feat. Lil Wayne

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some people are just wired differently. mgk is definitely one. anyone that says they feel bad for him, stop. nature will take its course and the hate will fuel more platinum hits from him. those who won’t get it, won’t get it. our job is to stick with him, not stick up for him.

The amount of hate MGK gets hurts. I will always stick by his side. I truly enjoy his music and him as a human being. He’s not perfect I like that, me and him are very alike in many ways.

Not a big MGK fan but I like this one a lot. Lil Wayne sounds like he did around the time of his rock album, Rebirth.

Mad props to MGK for reinventing his self from a dope ass MC and let’s not get it fucked up he can spit with the best of them think not go back an listen to any radio freestyles he’s ever done and get back to me. But from that into what we see now respect an as a fan keep doing shit your way fuck what they say salute.💪🏾

The nostalgia it’s 2009 I’m on the school bus barely awake going to high school as a freshman three days grace is playing on the local radio I don’t really like rock little did I know all those sleepy mornings would make me love music like this today mgk you were dope as a rapper but you really shine as a rocker keep rockin

Bro, it’s unbelievable how Lil Wayne is still giving us the flame 🔥

I just lost my dad recently and mgk is all I can listen to. I don’t know if he sees this. You are an inspiration. Keep doing it. You’re saving me man.

I love Lil Wayne being in this. It works way to well. His voice just stands out. Cant imagine the conversations that happened during these recordings.

This song got leaked and then now it’s back and has Lil Wayne? Fuck yeah man.

YO!!! I’m feelin this punk pop rock shit. Love it. Lil Wayne adds the spice to this dish ever so nicely. I’m an old head makes me reminisce about run dmc kicking that lil dance with Steven Tyler I. That walk this way video way back. Music is the universal language of love and humanity. The rap rock combo is fuckin awesome. Love to see people from different genres and backgrounds come together to make music. Music gives me hope!!!! Rock on!!!!!!!!!

Ain’t gonna lie, Lil Wayne got good at singing (I know it’s autotune). I guess I mean more comfortable. Also, he being featured in a pop punk album was a future in the making with MGK. Perfect combo.

First listen and I’m in love with this track. Just wished it wasn’t about drugs 🙃