Machine Gun Kelly & Lil Wayne – ay Lyrics

Machine Gun Kelly & Lil Wayne – ay!

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ay Lyrics

(I don’t ever want to fall when I’m this high)

I wrote a letter to myself
in the form of a song I can play when the sun shines
I know better than to trust
anything that I say to myself when I’m this high

Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay!
(I don’t ever want to fall when I’m this high)
Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay!
(I don’t ever want to fall when I’m this high)

I just did an interview with my eyes closed
I just sparked a blunt it looked like pyro
Only comments I see are the bad ones
Only playlists I like are the sad ones

I let the medicine in
I know it don’t help in the end
But I got depression again
I had a meeting at 7
I skipped it and slept in and woke up at 7pm

I cut my hair
off like I’m Britney
sparkle dust
like a pixie
Wipe my nose
like it’s itchy
I’m tatted up,
I don’t give a fuck

Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay!
(I don’t ever want to fall when I’m this high)
Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay!
(I don’t ever want to fall when I’m this high)


When I’m this high
When I’m this high
I just looked in the mirror who is this guy
It’s a full moon
Where the good shrooms
I’m too fucking high
Sound like a good school
Higher than Jehovah
High where the heaven’s at
You know Ima get pulled over
Ima need a chauffer
Lean in my soda
So Ima need a shoulder
Why y’all got your noses up
I smell like guns and roses

Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay!
(I don’t ever want to fall when I’m this high)
Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay!
(I don’t ever want to fall when I’m this high)
(I don’t ever want to fall when I’m this high)

Most liked comments about the video

I replayed this like 10x cause it’s short but such a vibe 😭

Wayne can just jump on any song and sound like he belongs

Switching Genres is part of being a musician and taking ur Graft on Another level MGK and post Malone Tory lanez are those people
Just cause he dissed one of the best Rappers doesn’t mean he lost his skills of Rap MGK still Relevant Even billboard Awards know it the dude is still insane🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 ay ay ay ay

That Transition With The Beat Fading In And Out Such A Banger Especially With Lil Wayne ✨

Heard it and instant love. Before the song was over the first time im like…. Guess I’m playing this forever now 😂

It’s so crazy seeing the evolution of MGK. Been a fan since 2012 and it’s mad to think 10 years after the ‘lace up’ album he’s come this far! LTFU!

“Lean in my soda, so imma need a shoulda”
Lil Wayne always catchy with those analogies.

It’s truly amazing what happenes when you water you’re own garden. Flowers bloom.. and im SO proud of your growth man. Inspirational 🌟

When the most unplanned video becomes one of the BEST!

Hahahaha I love this so much! I died when Lil W came out 😂😂😂 I did wonder where Baze was! Thanks for his shoutout ❤️❤️ “his dance moves weren’t exactly what we needed for the video” 😂😂 dub, rook & slim had you ✖️✖️

Ive loved MGK and Wayne for over a decade. Im not on the wave MGK has been on lately, but this song is decent. I wish hed go back to being the vicious animal spittin crazy bars, but idk his life, or why he makes decisions. I wish him and tunci both success.

The song ends n I’m like wtf I’m not done with u…commence to playing for an hour straight! Lmao love it

I’m gonna have to listen to this song for the rest of my life

Absolutely love the chilling hanging out with the band vibe. And the lil weezy was too halarious. This definitely has some nostalgia to it. Glad to see everyone smiling.

Shout out to MGK. Ever since I heard Tickets to my downfall, I’ve been going through his catalog and checking it out. Dude is super talented, even his HipHop albums are really dope. Crazy how much hate he gets though.

Love this song, I never really like machine gun Kelly’s music and then I listened to his stuff and it slaps and I can relate to some of it

I’ve been listening to this on repeat for a week and I just like always knew who MGK was but I never listened to his music and this just came out and I’m f**** obsessed

good to see you with same guys bro. Still a fan love the direction your music is going

YOU’RE BACK. Great job on this one, back to classics.

This is by far Lil Waynes best video performance. What a banger. Just look at him, so ALIVE!, so stylish.

Love this kid. Love his honesty through his music & love that he does his thing & he doesn’t seem to just follow trends or give in to certain styles.💛🙏