Maren Morris – Circles Around This Town Lyrics

Maren Morris – Circles Around This Town (Official Music Video)

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I drove circles around this town
Trying to write circles around this town
Trying to say something with meaning, something worth singing about
I’ve been kind and I’ve been ruthless
Yeah, I got here but the truth is
Thought when I hit it, it’d all look different
But I still got the pedal down
Driving circles around this town

Most liked comments about the video

‘Couple hundred songs, and the ones that finally worked, is the one about a car and one about a church’ And she just keeps getting better like the one about a “Girl” Good job Maren, can’t wait for the rest!

Anyone who has watched and followed her journey of her following her dreams can see how truly gifted she is. It’s so beautiful to see people succeed and have full circle moments and can look back on everything that got them to where they are! This is truly beautiful and I cannot wait to see the new era blossom! 2022 is gonna be an awesome year!

AMEN!! The ultimate anthem for songwriters trying to make the world a better place!! LOVED this with all my heart!

I’m liking how we are seeing more strong female country artists.

I love her music. This reminds me of her first album so I’m happy 😀

She just gets it. This is AMAZING.

Always Puts Her Soul In Her Music That What Makes IT You Sweetie ❤❤

This song is amazing.. Ready for the new Maren Morris era

The sound and the picture are so amazing