Maren Morris – Humble Quest Lyrics

Maren Morris – Humble Quest

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I’m on a humble quest
And damn I do my best
Not gonna hold my breath
‘Cause I still haven’t found it yet
No I still haven’t found it yet

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I’m obsessed with Maren’s music catalog at the moment since discovering Hero a few weeks ago. (Late to the party here in the UK) Oh wait….new album!

Hi Maren and your band, this has such a beautiful but powerful instrumental arrangement and lyrics with your beautiful voice 💝 AMAZING and I LOVE IT 💝 Very cool visualiser with combining clips from each song of this OUTSTANDING album 💝😊 Thank You so much for sharing this with us 💝🤗 Sending lots of love to all of you and your families from Melbourne, Australia

Just got done finishing to the album & maren thus far lyrically, sonically you delivered as always! So proud you actually went for a more of a traditional country sound and I’m here for it! 🤍💯

LOVE this album! Been a fan for years and she always delivers! Probably my favorite album so far

Maren just released my favourite song I’m just obsessed she never seems to disappoint me I love u Karen ur a tricking g ❤️

I feel seen! I’m on a humble quest myself after 2020-2021, also doing my best. This message is so important and Maren, for what it’s worth, it’s getting through me all the way here in Brazil. I admire what you did in this album so much.! It’s good to hear and has a great message. I just love it!

Probably your best album till this date. Love this song

I just love her voice and music. Such a talented young lady 😘🥰

Must watch for anyone feeling unloved ! Job well done with the lyrics and all that stayed with the ocean and of the sea. Very melodic, humble and easing to my ears.

I found you at this year’s CMA’s with circles around this town, really glad I did you’re an incredible artist and now I can hear the whole album 😀 I also watched your artist story video, very inspiring. We always have to keep pushing eventually things will work out in the perfect timing!

OMG can’t quite put into words just how much i love this song!! 💛 chills. i’ll be having this on repeat. this song will give me strength on my commute in the morning 🙌✨