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Martinique – French Pearl in the Caribbean | Free Documentary Nature

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The island of Martinique is a piece of France in the Caribbean, between Florida and South America. And of course, Savoir-vivre applies just as it does on the other side of the Atlantic, between the English Channel and the Mediterranean.
Jacky Pascault is the first and only man to cultivate mushrooms in the Caribbean. Everywhere else, they grow on artificially fertilised soil, but Jacky’s Champignons Tropicaux flourish on sugar cane fibres.
Nicole Vilo tailors hats and dresses out of coconut palms. Of course, the catwalk for the models wearing her first collection is one of the countless dream beaches. The Martiniquais sail on boats they call Yole, which have no keel and are therefore difficult to navigate. The crew members hang over the water in breakneck fashion on long wooden poles. Just the job for Yole-boss Max’ “problem kids”: they not only learn complicated handling, but also team spirit.

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What a great island the people are brilliant and hardworking. I would love to visit here someday. Thank you for sharing this.

I like the hard work you guys are putting together. What I don’t like is repeating to make it look new. I don’t understand why.

Thanks you for this, its beautiful, people too ❤️

What a beautiful place !!!

The best documentary on the whole of YouTube!

What an amazing place.

May I ask how can a foreigner work and sustain his living at Martin please?

Would love to wander there and never care about the world only if I’m a billionaire.

Everything about this documentary is great except the obnoxiously conceited chef.