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Mauritius – Tropical Paradise in the Indian Ocean | Free Documentary Nature

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The important writer Mark Twain once wrote: “Mauritius was created first, then the paradise!” Sandy beaches border azure blue bays. The green sugar cane grass sways in the wind as if it were waves in the ocean.

Spacious tea plantations alternate with beautiful parks. Usually prosperous guests spend their vacation here. But Mauritius is more than just a dream island for the rich and famous. The colonial times are over.

However, the colourful culture is still marked by the former slaves and Indian immigrants. Dances like the “Sega” or the various Creole cuisine make a visit on this amazing island an unforgettable experience. The many species of animals also contribute to it.

Most liked comments about the video
Most liked comments about the video

Love Mauritius, been there plenty of times. The food, the culture, the people are friendly and would love to visit again.

This is paradise on earth. No venomous animals.. No deadly natural disasters.. Two seasons: winter and summer.. We have the most beautiful beaches and the most luxurious hotels in the world.. I have visited many countries but never seen anything like my beautiful island.. Unfortunately like many countries we do have a corrupt government which makes life kind of tough and expensive for mauritians.. This is why so many young people have to leave to work on cruises or abroad to get out of poverty.. I’m myself waiting for this covid thing to get over so that i can start cruising again and fulfill my dreams but wherever i go one thing is sure that i will always return to my beautiful motherland ❤️🇲🇺❤️🇲🇺❤️

Wow what a beautiful place.its like ur in paradise.i love the sorroundings all green .hope they maintain that they preserve their nature for the next generation

Wonderful island of Mauritius 🇲🇺,.Many thanks from my heart . Warm greetings from beautiful island 🏝 of Kauai. Located in the middle of Pasific ocean.

mauled him so badly he never worked again. He had also raised it from a cub. I feel much safer with domesticated elephants than big cats. Elephants love sugar cane, bananas, and pineapple. Thailand has around 200 islands, many of them look like Mauritius. Also, I liked your intercultural awareness and that you didn’t feel it necessary to say something snarky about China. Regards!

What a splendidly constructed documentary, bravo! I can’t watch people who keep big cats after the tiger Roy Horn (of Siegfried and Roy)