Men of War Watch Full Movie – Special Ops solider leads mercenaries on mission

Men of War (Full Movie) – Special Ops solider leads mercenaries on mission

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A former Special Ops soldier leads a group of mercenaries to an island in the South China Sea: their mission is to obtain the rights to the unusual treasure that the island beholds.

Director: Perry Lang
Stars: Dolph Lundgren (The Expendables), Charlotte Lewis (The Golden Child), BD Wong (Law & Order), Catherin Bell (JAG)
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Such a beautiful movie. The themes did encompass the eternal struggle between good and evil and so there was some combative situations that required negotiation, yet the simple truths of the human spirit never strayed far from this cinematic gem. The dialogue was effective and clever. This movie was a triumph and as usual Lundgren was at his metamorphic best.

I’ve always really love this movie. Locations and the cast. Dolph is a beast here, Trevor Goddard was such a great villain. RIP. Nice seeing Kevin Tighe from Emergency. Catherine bell, Deebo, BD Wong. What a cast. This movie is so good because it was written by John Sayles And I believe Perry Lang did a damn good job directing this.

Damn Trevor was just to damn good. He deserve his own leading action movies. Specially after this and his kano role. He should have been a main character in deep rising

Wow such a great movie. Nonstop action. Very good storyline as well as the acting. Thank you Popcornflix you never disappoint!

The fight scene at the end is still badass. Dolph throws some fast punch’s in this film.


i remember i was in junior high shool when this movie came out. back then i was so fascinated by everything military. so when i saw the poster at a theater i saved my lunch money for at least a week to buy the ticket.

A great flick, cheers. I am amazed at how less well built and ripped Lundgren is in this one compared to how he was in Rocky 4. It’s like two different men.

Trevor Goddard was a monster. R. I. P.

I can’t get tired of watching this video seriously Dolph much love😍😍😍

Ironically this and Captain Ron have the same story going from the cold winter Windy City Chicago to the tropical summer time vibe of the Caribbean.

Great flick. John Sayles knows how to write ’em.

Hey; Some parts of this movie may look B sided but in the end after you wrap your mind around it. It was another chapter in the Expendables Saga of filmes. Worth the watch unless you like watching paint dry!!

Thanks for uploading this. It’s a guilty pleasure movie for me

Classic 80/90s movie .Don’t make em like this anymore .More VN war era movies would be great!!

How the hell in this world I didn’t know that Trevor Goddard passed away…. RiP 🤴

OH YEAH! The most important yet often forgotten parts without spoilers is the way I describe my watching experience. After all we all wanna be on the edge of our seats while watching. Well this movie kept me at the edge of my seat so bad that I crapped my pants and let it run down my leg into a container to discard once the movie was over. I hope I didn’t offend anyone with that knowledge but it did happen. Happy watching.