Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area | Teaser Trailer | Netflix

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A bold new vision of the ultimate heist
In a country without borders

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they are going in hard with a North/South unification story! cant wait for the Korean version of Money Heist =))

so many people were complaining about a new money heist, but it’s completely different from the first, so it’s an entirely new series, not some dragged out spinoff of the original which ended nicely. this is just another series for us to enjoy now, and I’m totally here for it

can’t wait for Jeon Jong-seo (Tokyo) to get the recognition she deserves from this!! HER ACTING NEVER DISAPPOINTS!! 😭

Nothing will ever beat the original, but I’m looking forward to this. They seem to have given it quite a bit of thought instead of just creating another rip off

I was a bit sceptical of them doing a spin off because the original is just incredible.

But this looks fire. Using the unification and the economic change because of that as a reason for the heist is well thought of and was something I did not expect

Although I don’t think there should be a spin-off of money heist I do love Korean stuff so will gladly watch it

The trailer looks promising. They actually recreate the best version of the best show🔥

I was not expecting the reunification element but it certainly makes for a very interesting background for the story! Loved the original Money Heist and I’m looking forward to a new version as well.