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My Boyfriend’s Back (Full Movie)

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A once-famous female singing group from the sixties reunites, but the suppressed emotions and recriminations among the trio have not gone away.

Directed by Paul Schneider
Starring Sandy Duncan (Valerie’s Family), Jill Eikenberry (L.A. Law), Judith Light (Who’s the Boss), Stephen Macht (The Monster Squad)
My Boyfriend’s Back. Comedy. TV Movie.

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This is one of the best pieces of cinema ever. I say that with absolutely no sarcasm. I’m in the best mood after seeing it, and Ms. Light is an incredible actor.

I loved it!!! Judith Light is so beautiful and she has a beautiful singing voice. She should have sung more. What a cute movie. I enjoyed it a lot.

I loved this! Judith Light is awesome! As are all the rest! Cute movie! I’ll watch it again!! 💋❤️🕯

LOVED THIS – going back down memory lane here brought tears to my eyes. I was in grammer school through this music and their talking about their grammer school years together was a double whammy of memory lane!

Love Sandy, she’s the bee’s knees ! A real talent

One of my personal favorites from my childhood! And I have to agree with everybody Mrs. Judith Light has always been a incredible sensational actress!! I especially love her in the lifetime movie Wife, Mother, Murderer she played that role to a T!! Well she does in every movie I’ve seen her in 🙂 Got to love old 80’s and 90’s movies they don’t make them like that anymore that’s for sure!! ☮️💜🙂

A light fun comedy about friendships with the nice accents of nostalgia and pop stars and music thrown in for flavor…I like it!

What a fantastic flashback … Awesome 👌 music … Terrific acting … and Wonderful upload !!! Don’t miss seeing this one… Many Thanks for my trip down memory lane !!++!!

I was obsessed with this film when I was 13, so good to be able to watch again

Loved the movie and the ladies, lots of songs from my youth !!!

judith light was and still is such a beauty

Judith Light is good at playing neurotic characters lol 👌

Jill Eikenberry walks straight off the set of LA Law, complete with padded shoulders!

Glad to see I’m not the only older person. When I saw Ed Sullivan I was wondering who else remembers seeing the Beatles American debut on there. This was a really good movie. A blast from the past.

One day I’m working at a house in Santa Barbara and there’s a gold record on the wall for “My Boyfriends Back.” Lady was singer in the Angels, not Bouffants. I remember asking her about this movie.

This is a great movie. My favorite is Gary Puckett 💙 he is Awesome in this movie. And he did a Awesome job. 👌 Judith Light is real good and so is Sandy Duncan. Music 🎶 is Awesome in this movie to. Awesome music movie.

I know this is based on a true story, but I think Sandy’s character would have children that are teenagers when the 1980’s came along. Since, her character was in her mid to late 20’s in the 1960’s. Maybe it is a possibility that Sandy’s character chose to have children late in life. It just that in real life people who were in their 20’s in the 1960’s had children in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s.

I love all the music but it did drown out all the dialog. I can hardly hear what the actors are saying when there is any music in the scene.