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My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys (Free Full Movie) Western

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A rodeo rider decides to quit his line of work after a serious injury, but when he visits his family and finds out that his dad is not well, he’ll have to risk it one more time. Rated PG

Directed by Stuart Rosenberg
Starring Scott Glenn, Gary Busey, Kate Capshaw

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He’s not a pair of boots you don’t put away your heroes. He’s a hero he’s my hero. I always loved that line.

Great film! Terrific soundtrack, and it’s used masterfully. Seriously, it’s almost like the songs were written just for that use. The entire cast was well done. My only disappointment is that by 1991 that was the best Mickey Rooney could do. Otherwise, wonderful film, and I’m glad I watched it!

When this movie came out, I went to see it with my mom. Several months later I lost my sight. It’s the last movie I recall seeing with my mom.

Thanks for this movie! One of my favorites! I did a bit of cowboying back when I was a kid growing up in Tucson, and this brings back so many memories!

I’m a daily cowboy,,seeing that old man having difficulty retiring is pretty hard to see,it’s something I’m starting to notice on my father in laws life,but he is twice as stubborn.!GREAT MOVIE!

WOW!! This was just as good this time as it was when I saw it when it first came out in the theater!!! Ben Johnson = the ULTIMATE Cowboy!!!


putting it back on.

The opening brings back memories. I was a Paramedic and worked a few rodeos. I’m a Texan and some of my heroes are cowboys.

Un jinete de rodeo decide renunciar a su línea de trabajo después de una lesión grave, pero cuando visita a su familia y descubre que su padre no está bien, tendrá que arriesgarse una vez más. PG clasificada