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Night Zero | Full Sci-Fi Horror Movie

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Night Zero – Three couples struggle for survival after a massive catastrophe occurs in Baltimore.

Stars: Georin Aquila, Mike Dargatis, Dave Petti

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A brilliant portrayal of how people actually behave in the crisis.

30 minutes in and if I was trapped in that house with that lot I’d literally run screaming into the smoke!! Bearded man, run away with the girl in your office, you need to be away from those people you’ll be much happier

Seen this movie this past summer on tubi tv, i instantly loved it

I sat through 22 long minutes, but just couldn’t wait any longer for the monsters to kill all these dreadfull people.

Killed by our own anger 💢

Another great scary siefie movie to add to the collection.thankyou

The monster’s acting is Oscar level compared to this group. Maybe I couldn’t do any better so would deserve to be gotten by those monsters too! 🤣

WTH!!!!!! Ok, these movies are getting ridiculous. I need to see a good action-filled, Sci-Fi, edge of your seat and good acting movie.

Just watching now it looks great