Nina Nesbitt – Dinner Table

Nina Nesbitt – Dinner Table (Official Video)

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What makes it unique and stunning is that it’s not a love song.. it’s a song about the union of 3 woman that has experienced the same things about love, life, tough moments and etc.. and the most beautiful part is that they are from the same soul family🤧❤

I love this video, love the lyrics too, what an awesome song! Well done Nina, can’t wait to see you on tour again. ​I’ve met you twice in Leeds at The Wardrobe, last time I saw you in 2019 the fire alarm kept going off. I’ve met you twice too, very much looking forward to the new album! X

The growth in your music keeps astonishing me, been in love with your voice since ‘statues’ but ever since chewing gum your songs have been on a whole new level!

Nina, that was absolutely fabulous, about 3 generations, connecting, just so well written & sung.. Again well done girl..

Love this song. It’s so heartwarming. Air sounds wonderful. I love her voice. And I love how she shared videos of her life when she was a kid and growing up. It told a story.

More videos of artists should be like this. That fit the song. And with Nina I feel like they always do.

love this video, made the song 1000x more powerful for me to see the women it’s about x

Found out around the time this came out was when grandad passed away-went to be with grandmother. That just makes this song hit that much harder, with supplemental value.

I guess you could say he went to the royal heavenly dinner table and rejoined loved ones for more meals and memories. 🥲🥰