Nino Uptown – Runaway

Nino Uptown – Runaway [Music Video] | GRM Daily

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The song will repeat

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I really hope Nino will go proper mainstream this year, he’s one of the most consistent and every song is a banger fr🙌🏾 this will be his year

nino really levelled up man his doesn’t even sound like uk wave anymore i could hear this on heart radio at 9am 😭

Nino is going to be doing the most all of 2022 and onwards. His flow is unmatched.

A song with ACTUAL good vibes. Hope this guy goes far

Gotta rate how he’s levelling up every tune wallahi 🔥 this tune is hardd bro

This gives me summer vibes, I’m gonna be rinsing this when the sun is out😂🔥🔥

your music hits soo different and thats why we all love it

It’s like music getting easy now 🎶🎶

Since ‘Right Price’ Nino has been releasing his best music, he’s actually mastered his sound it’s beautiful to see fr 🇸🇴❤️