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Nora (Free Full Movie) Drama. Ewan McGregor

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Dublin, 1904, James Joyce chats up Nora Barnacle, a hotel maid from Galway. Over time Nora pulls him through phobias, tolerates his drinking, takes in his brother Stan and bests Joyce at the writing game to bring him back to Italy from Dublin.

Directed by Pat Murphy
Starring Susan Lynch, Andrew Scott, Vinnie McCabe, Ewan McGregor
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Beautifully crafted film. Has all the fury of a Bonnie & Clyde with the classic restraint of the Dubliners. Lighting, decore, costumes, compositions, interiors as well as exteriors, period feel, poise of aristocracy. Excellent. What a pleasure to watch.

A lovely movie, very true to Joyce’s writing & personality he reveals of himself & his beloved Nora. The passion, perversity, problematic mind of the tortured, yet sometimes ecstatic artist is well portrayed in this movie. Thank you.

Great acting, cinematography, musical score and locations 🙏🏽🙏🏽 Thank you so much for the opportunity to view this film. Yes I almost forgot to compliment the costume designs 🥰.

Joyce was a tortured genius. He seduced his own despair into great writing. Good movie.

A hidden treasure…The process of great Art, inspired by Nora.. She’s the one that channeled his obsessions’–together leaving behind masterpieces…

Love the ending. Beautiful movie!

Jim was insecure, timid, enchanted and Nora was a beautiful virago, a very strong woman; who nurtured, coddled and reassured him.

I loved it. Relatable, inspiring and Solid. 💪🏽🥂

The film focuses not on Joyce’s work, but his relationship with Nora. While watching the movie, many times I found him a coward and saw her as an obedient wife who, after being cruelly insulted, asks the man for forgiveness. I don’t approve any of those, but it turns out that life is much more complicated and a relationship sometimes gains contours one could have never imagined. I watched because of Ewan McGregor and, once again, not disappointed. A fine movie.