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Norway: Land of Fjords, Islands and Vikings | Free Documentary Nature

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This film shows Norway at its finest and most beautiful. Only if the weather was fine, we switched the record button on our camera. The result is a touching documentary about this breathtaking country.

The film shows primeval landscapes, fjords, glaciers, culture and animals in the typical clear, dust free lights of the northern hemisphere. The warm Gulf Stream creates a mild climate even to the north of the arctic circle. So agriculture and live-stock breeding is possible where one expects strong winters and cold summers.

At some of the slopes of the fjords even strawberries, cherries and apples grow. Only the hinterland in the far north is covered in deep snow during the winter until Easter. But the Sami and the reindeers are pretty well adapted to these conditions.

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For years I’ve been telling myself I was going to move to either Denmark, Norway, Iceland, or New Zealand. Yesterday, finally, I started the process to move to Norway. It’s happening, lads. I’m so excited.

My home country and born and raised up in Lofoten. So I can be proud to see that placed I lived in.

This are one of the the most beautiful presentation of Norway ever made,all shown in 50 minutes … ,perfect weather,exotic and historic places combined with the history and nice music are almost perfect put together ..What is missing are more from Northern parts above Lofoten..

Such a beautiful country, Norway.

I have a real obsession with Norway. Somewhere so close to where I live but seems like a million miles away. So beautiful

I’m from Philippines but this country is so adorable. Hope to visit here soon I really love this country ♥❤😍

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful documentary. Back in July 1975 I spent a month travelling from Oslo to Norkapp! Someday I want to return.