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OBI-WAN KENOBI Trailer 2 (2022) Star Wars

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If you want a great Star Wars trailer you must end it with Darth Vader simply breathing.

You know you’ve made an iconic villain when you can recognize him only by a pronoun and breathing

The most anticipated Star Wars series, the Grand Inquisitor and the Fifth Brother, characters from REBELS, appear, but I must say that when I saw that Inquisitor, for a moment I thought it was Trilla from the video game Fallen Order, it looks a lot like it, but I don’t it is.

Idk why but hearing Vaders breathing scared the s@#$ out of me lol. He is definitely a signifiant character.

Holy mother of gawwdddd!!!!! I’m so excited to watch this finally Obi Wan Vs Darth Vador since Revenge of Sith I really hope they use the Dual of Fates theme music again for it if it happens 😃

Damn! That had to hurt when uncle Owen roasted Kenobi when he said, “Like you train his father?”
Love the end of the trailer though!! Lightsaber versus Disney+ Brilliantly done!

They should have a scene where Vader sees him on the monitor and reaches out with the force and begins choking him, that would be epic . . Of course he would break free .. im on the light side . Or vice versa… and then obi wan says, hello old friend.