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On the Wild Coasts of Patagonia | Free Documentary Nature

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On the wild coast of Patagonia, the nature calendar describes the most diverse visiting times of fascinating animals, from the southern right whale and other large whales, via the sea lions and elephant seals up to the orcas and millions of penguins. The encounters with whales and their babies are spectacular.

Hardly anywhere else on earth can one experience both the brutal and the delightful sides of nature so vividly and so close. The trip to the hot spots for animal watchers and researchers leads us inter alia to the Caleta Valdez. This is where, during the mating season, the southern elephant seals bring their babies into the world, mate and enjoy a little sunbathing on the beach.

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Thanks for a well presented documentary balanced with beautiful background music. The balance between voice and music is well-tuned. The harsh reality between hunting and being hunted makes this a worthy documentary.

This would be a nature photographer’s paradise!! Could you imagine witnessing an Orca sliding up onto the beach to grab a Sea Lion, what a sight that would be!!Thankyou for this awesome video!

Excellent documentary with drone and dive cam footage, including a rare closeup of whale breeding behavior.

I’ve watched videos where orcas do hunt mature elephant seals (given a chance). Seems to me every orca pod has its own language, but what it hunts.

Orca are not decimating seals. We are doing a very good job of decimating our world. <like you mention it is the natural way. Thank you for the good work.

Other than isolation, is there a reason for armadillos not evolving to porcupines in other continental predator/prey relationships? (Ie former anklyassaurs vs predator)

Maybe the whale is giving itself a massage / cleaning rub it heavy force impacting the water surface tension pretty hard on that scale / mass, maybe instinctively miss living in open air

anyone else watching this at 5:30am