Once Upon a Texas Train – Watch Full Movie – Willie Nelson

Once Upon a Texas Train (Free Full Movie) Willie Nelson

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Richard Widmark and WIllie Nelson star in this story of an outlaw cowboy who is freed after 20 years behind bars and is seeking revenge against the now retired Texas Ranger who put him there.

Directed: Burt Kennedy
Cast: Angie Dickinson, Richard Widmark, Willie Nelson, Shaun Cassidy

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Great Show. I think it had every major actor from every major western ever made in the past 75 years! The Rifleman, Gunsmoke, Wagon Train, Rawhide, to name a few and then top it all off with Police Woman.

Willie Nelson is outstanding

These Old Guys Made My Childhood. I Love Each And Everyone Of Them. I Am Still A Lover Of Western Movies To This Day Because Of Them. Fantastic Movie!!!.

I accidentally watch the films played by Richard Widmark and discover that he is really one of the greatest actors. He can play the best as a bad guy and a good guy in the movies. Though he is no longer living in the world, all his movies can make many people remember him. I was not born in his age, but via YouTube, I can know who Widmakr is. This film is one of his masterpieces. I want to watch his another great movies “My Pal Gus”, but I can’t find its full length movie from YouTube. Can anybody upload it, please?
I think the old films are better than the modern films because modern films emphasize too much on violence, lacking other elements such as human love and care.

I started watching this film quite reluctantly but after a few minutes I realised I was on to a first class very entertaining film. Superb performances from everyone.

Chuck Connors will always be my favorite western hero. I’ve watched and rewatched all 168 episodes of the Rifleman over the years but ironically never when originally aired from 1958 to 1963, only in syndication or on line. As the rifleman, Lucas McCain slayed more bad guys than most top gunfighters ever hoped for all while raising Mark, keeping a ranch and teaching good morals.

I’ve spent my whole adult life in Austin, Texas and my youth going to Willie Nelson concerts and running around with his drummer’s kids. Willie is a fine human being! Look for the various versions of “Still not Dead Again Today” You’ll love it folks!

A true classic full of legends !

I’m almost as old as Willie, but still young enough at heart to love this movie.

Quality upload of great film. There will never be writers, directors, and actors like these again! Thanks for the opportunity to watch yet one more time. πŸ‘πŸ€ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Literally they made up an outstanding team of best actors.

Richard Windmark, what can i say. ONE of Worlds finest Actors of All time. πŸ˜„

Willie is just as good an Actor as he is a Country Singer Legend etc.

Good film

Can’t go wrong with stars like these!

Great to see the old friends back in action.. Thanks Willie.

Love this movie every time I watch it. Priceless.

Ahhhh yes, the good old days! I’m 75 and remember all these great actors! Ya gotta love ’em! Willy and Angie are the only survivor of the bunch. Bless their old souls!

Great movie with lots of great actors. Love it

All the best of them! Funny movie! Even Jack Elam was still around for this one. Reminds me of the Willie/Waylon song. “Nothing quite as bad as watching your hero’s die. One by one, see them fall, soon there’ll be, no hero’s at all.”

Loved it! Great cast, great movie. Thanks for the upload