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Once Upon a Time in Tombstone | Full Western Movie

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“Once Upon a Time in Tombstone” delivers all of the great characters you would expect in a film about Tombstone — The Earp Brothers, The Clanton Brothers, Doc Holliday, Johnny Ringo, etc. — and of course, great gunfights.
What the film delivers that other films about Tombstone did not is a multitude of pieces of the puzzle that complete the story, not just about why the gunfight happened but the real history about what led up to it and what followed.

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Most fantastical movie ever made they should all get awards for acting like actors! Good account historically though!

Don’t be discouraged, it wasn’t a bad movie, I’ve certainly seen worse that were budgeted much, much more. I love westerns, keep it up.

It is pretty funny. But everybody needs to start somewhere. For amateurs they did a fairly good job.

Even Wyatt Earp seems not to have been a fair gunfighter who shot two guys hiding in bush.

06:00 Jonny Ringo told once a cowboy always a cowboy ,which I think resulted in once a marine always a marine of USMC.

Very good movie. But they all sound like they’re reading the scripts.

Wow we’re talking some wooden actors here!