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Hoping to change the course of World War II, and save tens of thousands of lives, two intelligence officers plot to break Hitler’s deadly grip on Europe by recruiting the most unlikely of secret agents: a dead man.

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I read this book years ago, and when I talked about this plan to others, folks thought i was crazy. That the person who invented 007 was one of the greatest heroes of WW2, with this operation. Love that its being made into a movie.

The internet better lose it’s mind over Firth and McFadyen finally sharing screen time together. This is the very embodiment of “period drama icons” crossover.

Seeing the two most perfect renditions of Darcy working in a film together, is on the same hype level for me as the entire Marvel fanbase freaking out over all the three Peter Parker’s together.

2 generations of Mr.Darcys in one frame is making me feel things! 🥺❤️

I’ve actually heard of this Operation Mincemeat. Despite being highly unconventional, it was one of the most important missions that helped the Allies win WWII. And, yes, the Fleming involved was the Ian Fleming, the man behind Bond.

I read a whole book about this operation, and it is a wild, fantastic tale that legitimately did end up helping turn the tide for the Allied Forces. So glad they’re giving it a full fledged film treatment, and so far it seems to have nailed the tone–that balance between the comedy underlining the absurdity of the situation, and the dread of those involved knowing how dire it would be should they fail.

It’s one of the most macabre stories ever. The depression and suicide of one man lead to a plan that saved thousands of lives. During World War II, Ian Fleming had mentioned to friends that he wanted to write a spy novel, but it was not until 17 Feb 1952 that he began to write his first novel, Casino Royale. One of the nuttiest schemes concocted during WWII that actually worked. I’m so excited for this. Operation Mincemeat was a fantastic story. Thank God that Netflix back with compelling drama. Love the casting!!

A re-make of “the man who never was.” Oh, so want to see this film.

Seeing that the madlads who starred as Zhukov and Beriya are in this movie, this is a must watch

I can’t wait to watch this! What an extraordinary cast.