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Panfilov’s 28 Men (2016). Full action movie.

Armed with little more than their courage and wits, a doomed brigade of Soviet soldiers prepare for the Moscow invasion of Nazi German tanks in 1941.

Director: Kim Druzhinin, Andrey Shalopa
Cast: Maksim Abrosimov, Sergey Agafonov, Pavel Aseev

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I’m from Kazakhstan. The Panfilov division was created in Kazakhstan, in the city of Almaty. My grandfather fought in the Panfilov division on the Volokolamsk highway. A shrapnel pierced his head right through, the second shrapnel tore off two fingers on his hand. He survived. No film can convey what hell the veterans of this terrible war went through.

The bulk of the German Wehmacht was indeed destroyed in Russia. Soviet forces fought nearly four brutal years of war against German forces that had conquered nearly all of Western Europe. And as we can see, they did so with incredible toughness, undeniable courage, and at a huge cost in lives lost. It’s fair to say that Russia deserves much of the credit for the victory over Germany in WW2…🙏

How valiantly they defended their motherland. And fatherland too. Truly selfless. History should never forget these brave soldiers. Never ever.

One of the great things about this film is the potrayal of inaction between the battles – soldiers talking and joking, preparing and discussing tactics. These aspects are just as important as the action.

What an amazing story! God bless those brave soldiers and their families! Real heroes to all the world! Good movie!

An extraordinary portrayal of the Russian bravery committed to preventing the German army from reaching Moscow. The intensity of fighting was harrowing and deserving of a permanent record as the end titles seek to convey. Thank you.

Estos soldados si estaban llenos de coraje y honor lucharon asta en su último aliento

Ordinary men with extra-ordinary courage standing up to a bully! Well done Kim and Andrey for this great movie! I love the stories of the soldiers!