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Patient 62 | Full Sci-Fi Movie | Human Experimentation

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Patient 62 – Wracked by nightmares of the abduction of his stripper sister, Lucas Chance sets out to rescue her from a tangled in a web of human trafficking and experimentation, in the process discovering the dreams he suffers from are not his own.

Stars: Reece Wagner, Chrissy Mozylisky, Glenn LaPointe

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This is the second movie in a row that took me by suprise…lol 😆

Great movie, sci-fi fans! If you liked “the Magicians”, you will like this too… though the magic is science. Though I understand the Eighth Incarnation of Doctor Who once said (Paul McGann) “Everything is magic, until you know how it is done.!” SO sit back and enjoy this flick!

this is the best movie ever!!!

Just watched it. Very enjoyable. Thanks a lot. Quick question, how important are the sciency aspects to you when you make your production.?

Great film … Cool ending.😃

love the movie … acting is fine enough to make the story worth watching ,,since it’s filmed in my hometown ,,i believe the bouncers are local football pros ,,im currently at 23 minutes

LOLLL the villains in the car at ,,the one in back probably taking Rittalin ,,,,awesome reality ,,,the story and acting is fantastic from these 3 ,,,exactly seinfeldian in it’s portrayal ,,ive met villains and badasses of all kinds and these guys rock ,,,i should quit watching to preserve my antihero vibes LOLLL ,,,i’m also impressed with the badass main character and his idiot sidekick TRUE TO FORM

Watching. Interesting low budget movie. Acceptable acting.

JUst finished Very good!