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PHYSICAL Season 2 Trailer (2022) Rose Byrne, Apple TV+

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The song will repeat

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Love these shows set in the 80’s.

good on Apple giving this show another season.

Give rose her emmy. Apples best show

Was waiting for the 2nd season. Awesome

This was the moment I realized Rose Byrne and Chloe Fineman are doppelgangers.

1:55 Wild how the 2 tanning beds look like a giant set of goggles — then it cuts to them in the goggles.

John Breem apparently gets blackmailed by someone….this is going to be EPIC

Yes! That’s the guy from white lotus. He is hilarious 😀

Tho John Breem looks like he is out to annihilate as well. Maybe she drops the dime on their affair and that’s why they lose the baby. Ughhhh I don’t want them to be enemies.

She’s a horrible person and I’m here for it lol