PISTOL Trailer

PISTOL Trailer (2022) Maisie Williams, Danny Boyle, Sex Pistols Series

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Omg this is going to be amazing

Yep, gonna be watchin’ this!

Just watch The Great Rock n Roll Swindle, Rock n Roll High School, and The filth and the Fury. Those are real punks.

Why does it have to be a TV show? Make it a movie!

Time for punk to come back. ☠️

I actually liked brotherhood of man. They remind me of spending the summer of 77 at great Yarmouth pontins holiday camp. Why choose them as the antithesis of modern youth? I’m sure you could have dug deeper?

Weird … the casting has lots lots of people set to play lots of people in the punk scene … but no one is set to play anyone from my favourite punk band, the “only band that matters,” The Clash.

Wow a short trailer that goes by real fast and the one thing that stood out to me is the San Antonio, Texas tour stop at Randy’s Ballroom lol.

Bring it on!

I think they’re all about punk but idk I’m not sure🤷‍♀️