Praying Mantises – Deadly Killers of the Insect World | Free Documentary Nature – Watch Full Documentary

Praying Mantises – Deadly Killers of the Insect World | Free Documentary Nature

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They are killers! They kill with unbelievable precision. They fight Kung Fu style and are seen in Japan as a symbol of vigilance – the mantises. Their triangular head with its unique flexibility is conspicuous. Two overdimensioned eyes fixate the distance to their prey rapidly and three-dimensionally. The chest segment of the mantis is prolonged and equipped with spiny appendages that can spear their prey as fast as a jack knife. The mysterious aura that surrounds the praying mantis has a lot to do with the fact that they are rarely seen. They have adapted to their surroundings perfectly. No matter whether leaves, blossoms, tree bark, sandy floors or even orchids – the mantis blends in to all environments

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As a child I grew up in the city. To find a praying mantis was quite a prize. My friends and I found one for the first time and named it Harold. We kept it as a pet for the summer. Feeding time would bring kids from all over the neighborhood to watch.

” the most feared insect, once something is in its grasp there’s no escape” few min later…shows clip of grasshopper getting out of its grasp then killing and eatting the mantis.

Before you commend this video keep in mind that the lizard and mantis battle is staged. You can see that the lizard is being held down by a green glove or somthing. It also has no reason to just let a mantis claw its face with no retaliation. (I’m not the first to notice this just trying to keep it known) The videotography was really good but it’s hard to have much respect for it when the video uses misleading tactics like these.

I do not believe for a minute that lizard stood there and just let that thing eat it. Outside interference.

Great photographers! I can’t imagine the work involved to follow a bug around the planet! Thanks for showing us this beautiful world!

Held lizard down for it to be eaten, shameful, they might’ve even gave the grasshopper a little help in that fight too as much as I wanna believe grasshopper wanted to change the game

This is indeed an eye-opening documentary as far as I’m concerned. Never have I imagined such a variety of mantises in terms of size, colour and camouflage capability. It’s a predator most underrated thanks to its bizarre behavior.

They are some of the most interesting, beautiful and unique insects on the planet. The pink orchid mantis is particularly lovely.

If anything one of the most important things to get out of this is the importance of forearm cleaning 😂