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The song will repeat

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This is gotta be the best CG in any dinosaur-related documentary

The most scientifically accurate dinos ever, and the CGI is Soo realistic!!!

That looks AMAZING! Far more lifelike than what “Walking WIth Dinosaurs” was. CGI has come a long way.

The dinosaurs look so awesome. David Attenborough will make dinosaurs more exciting than ever before since walking with dinosaurs 23 years ago

Yay David Attenborough my favorite documentary narrator I could fall asleep to his voice every time man is a legend fell in love when I watched planet earth back when cds were still in their prime

shoutout to the cameraman for traveling back in time to deliver this masterpiece

this gotta be the best, the most realistic CGI dinosaurs I’ve ever seen.. I love that so much, the footage, the narrator, the music, everything in this is amazing!

If only movie directors used this level of CGI and have good story writing, instead of just the same copy and paste format of JP. That would actually surpass the whole Jurassic World movies by stretch.

This is gonna be a masterpiece

I heard the voice of David Attenborough and I stayed.