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Primrose Lane (2015). Full thriller movie.

Inspired by actual paranormal activity that took place in the shooting location home. A couple make the decision to enter the unlocked home of their friends, only to discover the friends’ family of four missing and a trail of mysterious evidence left behind. A little boy from another era watches from the shadows, engaging in a high stakes game of marbles that results in more disappearances. When the police fail to detect anything that they can tangibly investigate, a new friend is summoned to the scene to help.
A young psychic also arrives, claiming she was called by the woman who answers the door, yet that woman has no knowledge of her. The psychic is soon joined by a spiritual healer, and together they begin to unravel the mystery. Humans and dark forces collide as reality is spliced and scattered into multiple dimensions until the boy in the shadows isolates the one person he wants for his own.

Director: Kathleen Davison
Cast: Kathleen Davison, Curtis Mark Williams, Chris Chee

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Glad I ignored the comments I read before watching. This movie is actually Good. Has a couple of very funny scenes, there’s nothing too creepy or heavy, The acting was done well, of course there are a couple of Characters you don’t like but, neccessary for a clear storyline. I was surprised it actually had a closely accurate History lesson well written into it also. You’ll catch it if you know much about the True History of the United States.
I don’t thiink the end was bad at all. Keeps the storyline open for a part two. Hope it’s as well put together as this one.

Good movie but the end should of been better 😜🤠

Is there a Part Two I wonder? It honestly had the potential to be a good movie but I have NEVER seen such an insane number of ads-I’m not sure if it ever ran a full ten minutes without one. Yes, I know the tricks, they do not work on IPhones or IPads, if YouTube hasn’t already fixed that glitch. If you can stand the interruptions it’s worth it but the ending needs a lot of work too.

Good movie until the end. It left the whole story unfinished. why do so many of these movies leave you just hanging after you’ve sit through it and wasted your time? So Frustrating. It’s like their budget runs out or something and o they scimp on the most important part of the movie, THE ENDING!!!

When you are foreclosed on, depending on the circumstances, when the sheriff arrives to serve the papers, you have to leave furniture and everything except personal belongings like clothes, personal papers. This is so the furniture can be sold (added to the price here) to recoup the bank’s losses. Man, I wish I had a house like this. I would sell any object I thought a ghost was attached to, make some renovations (usually drives off minor ghosts) and do an exorcism for anything demonic. Then I would enjoy this beautiful place for the rest of my life.

AH finally, thank you for this movie ♥ after d/l adblocker I was able to view the rest w/o an issue of ads popping up every 60 s … but where’s the part two of it pls ☺

Cheers 🥂 💃 💃 😂 to us who read comments before watching 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

Im on lock down so i need a good start to enjoy my days in..currently from jamaica.hello my horror fan

So she didn’t find them…unfinished

Kathleen Davis is a look a like for Nicole Kessinger! Sure glad she doesnt sound like Kessinger! There would be no way i could sit thru the whole movie if she did! Lol

NYC movie thou

Poltergeist of the 3rd world. 😁😁😁

Can’t believe I sat through this load of hogwash. And yes, the ads were irritating.


Weak ending