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Hardly any other species of bird has preoccupied mankind quite as much as corvids. They are exceptionally curious, teachable and intelligent birds. Ravens are the only birds that not only use tools, but also make them themselves.
Many live in close, social structures and remain with one partner throughout their lives. This HD production presents many new and fascinating insights into the world of corvids: Alpine choughs in the winter world of the high mountains, rook colonies in towns, or the small, intelligent jackdaw, jays, hooded crows and of course, the king of the corvids, the northern raven. The raven is not just the world’s largest songbird, but increasingly continues to surprise science due to its extraordinary intelligence.


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A friend of mine fed the crows in the home she grew up in for many years. The crows there knew her well. Eventually, she moved across town. One elderly crow recognized her. After that the crows in that area began visiting her in the new neighborhood. Now they quack every day to greet her. And bring their babies to feed by her window. They know they are welcome there.

Our Ravens/Crows here in the US are considered “garbage birds” by many… breaks my heart. They are beautiful, and so smart. I have several that come eat at my house, they are so cool to watch. Some of them are HUGE!

The two ravens following Odin in Norse mythology were called Hugin and Munin, meaning thought and memory. A way to represent wisdom.

I adore Ravens. Lived in the Mojave Desert, neighbor old man, used to toss out pieces of boiled eggs each morning, and the adult Ravens were always watching for him from the power lines, then they brought there youth along. One day as I watched from the window, a cat saw them on the ground eating and thought what an opportunity, these raven were bigger than the cat. As the cat charged, they all scattered a little but didn’t fly away, the cat stopped the charge realized these birds were much bigger than it thought…as soon as the Raven saw the cat was having second thoughts, they charged the cat and sent it off running under a car. So funny. Sad thing after the old man died, the Raven continued to come for several months, flying away after an hour or so, it was sad. They only trusted him.

Years ago I was pargliding in Dawson city Yukon , when a pair of ravens came in investigating a strange “bird” in the sky. Flew with me for several minutes. Than they showed off with some areal acrobatics as if saying “can you do this ?” And were gone.

Shared a doughnut with a crew of ravens one cold snowy day last month and I think one of them has begun to trust me as he came and begged some food of me today. He made a sound I’ve never even heard in a documentary, like two heavy steel plates rubbing against each other. I told him to wait while I got him a little something and wait he did. So bloody clever. I do hope to make a friend of this fascinating creature.

I love crows and ravens theyre so loyal! I rescued one qnd lived with him for 5 years and he was the most loyal companion. He was jealous of everyone else who took my attention but was the sweetest little guy. He used to sit behind me and arrange my hair and eyebrows the way he liked them…a facial from a crow is incredibly relaxing but my mum used to think he would go for my eyes which he never did needless to say. I miss him terribly. Funny story, my ex was obsessive and used to annoy Pookie so Pookie devised a plot in which he unreeled Scotts music tapes who needless to say rewound them, Pookie then upped the ante by removing, and hiding the little copper bits from the cassettes and it took an age to find his stash and Scott was livid which just encouraged Pookie to wreck more…lmao! Poor Pookie, although I paid a Vet to deworm and treat his broken wing sustained when his family were cruelly shot from his tree, he never attained the ability to fly further than from the ground to my head and back and had intermittent fits which I believe were from damage on that day. I made sure he was comfortable and he used to come on the bus and travel between my flat in Aberdeen and the family cottage which used to entertain the bus driver no end. Pookie eould caw at things in the countryside and other, unknowing passengers used to look at me like I had Tourettes unaware of the crow underneath my jumper looking at the scenery! He was fine most of the time and would recover from his fits and had a happy life in my house and in the garden. Poor baby, I would love to work with them.

I have befriended a small family of crows in the backyard and I hope in a little while I can leave a pencil and my tax receipts and have my taxes done by them, I am certain they can do a better job than I . Bright creatures that they are.