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How could so much Joy create so much pain? Resident Evil comes exclusively to Netflix, July 14th.

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I love how the tagline shifts from Joy-> Rage-> Fear. Because that’s exactly what this fandom is feeling right now

I had joy today and now this trailer just ripped right joy straight out of me.

I’ll never understand why it’s seemingly so impossible to make a remotely good Resident Evil adaption.

Ah yes, the iconic teddy bear, and the famous joy theme song for RE

As a fan of the Resident Evil franchise, my thoughts on this trailer are as follows. As a stand alone zombie movie/show I don’t think it looks bad at all, the special effects look good, the audio looks good, etc. But as a Resident Evil show this is outrageous. I think they should have just change the name of the show to something that has nothing to do with resident evil and the show would have been received with much more positivity. It’s a shame these directors nowadays try to fix what isn’t broken in the first place.

Every RE Director: “I was a huge fan of the game I used to play it everyday when I rode home on my little bikey”

Netflix: “Here, enjoy this series based on Resident Evil, and by saying based on we mean we took the name

i would just love to see a RE movie or a show that follows the games plot but doesnt try squeezing too much in and would have the iconic characters we all know and love

Oh THAT’s why the giant worm boss wasn’t in RE3R! He was busy shooting scenes for the Netflix show!

“Evil cannot create anything new, they can only corrupt and ruin what good forces have invented or made.“ – JRR Tolkien