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Nothing eventful ever happens in the peaceful New Raccoon City. The legendary franchise Resident Evil brings its battle for survival to Netflix on July 14th.

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It’s genuinely impressive how RE movies keep fumbling such great source material

It’s actually impressive that Resident Evil can be anything now. They just need to have few zombies and Umbrella logo in there.

“Evil cannot create anything new, they can only corrupt and ruin what good forces have invented or made.“ – JRR Tolkien

A wise man once quoted a wise man who said “A wise man once said: It’s genuinely impressive how RE movies keep fumbling such great source material”

Why can’t these people simply understand that people want to see original story of resident evil. Portrayed nicely. Same nonsense happened with previous resident evil movies. And m not expecting anything different for this one as well.

This couldn’t look LESS like Resident Evil. I don’t get it…

Its a zombie survival/horror game, the story literally writes itself, how is it THIS difficult for supposed “creative” types to not keep screwing this up.

all you gotta do is hire people who have played the games, keep the action small, the stakes high, the characters grounded and related to their video game counterparts, the stories interesting, the tone close to the games, and voila

It’s amazing how Resident Evil has such great source material which brings its own uniqueness to zombie horror and Netflix manages to make a movie based off that that ends up looking like another generic zombie movie. Well done again Netflix, you never cease amaze me because you never amaze me to begin with.