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Retreat To Paradise (2020) | Full Movie | Melanie Stone | Casey Elliott | Brian Krause

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Ellie, a physical therapist, is hired to tend to an injured man named Jordan. Jordan is a tennis star who is temporarily living in a tropical resort, using it as a place to recover from a serious shoulder injury he sustained in a car wreck. Even though he struggles to move his shoulder without pain, his grumpy attitude leaves Ellie wanting to leave him in his misery. Neil, Jordan’s coach, juggles persuading Jordan to try following Ellie’s advice and smoothing things over between them. With Neil’s encouragement, Ellie draws Jordan out as she helps him see the beauty around him, including the gorgeous property and land of both the resort and the country it’s in. As they get to know each other more, Jordan discovers Ellie is exactly who he wants in his life. Neil sees Ellie could be the one to help Jordan get back to his life and career. But though Ellie starts to fall in love with Jordan, can he allow anyone to truly love him when he has to face his tragic past? Through her genuine care and the magic of a tropical paradise, Ellie helps Jordan see he’s worthy of love and his own happily ever after.

Director: Brian Brough
Writer: Brittany Wiscombe
Starring: Melanie Stone, Casey Elliott, Brian Krause, Jaclyn Hales, Jerome Brad Halgren, Paul D. Hunt, Leslie Kidman

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Ellie and Jordan’s love story is a must watch for all romantics! As a writer I loved the natural flow of the story, especially how getting off on the wrong foot can lead you to new footing. I’ve never been to Fiji and so this was a treat to watch. The conversations are natural and I’m easily pulled into the storyline. The settings are varied and picturesque…all lush, vibrant and serene. You won’t be bored!

An inspiring story brought to life by an authentic/balanced performance by Melanie Stone! The story truly came to life with well-supported performances by Casey Elliot and the steady support of Brian Krause! Bravo! The tranquility of the setting (Fiji) contributed to the relaxing mood as a juxtaposition to the story BEAUTIGULLY! With appreciation for the making of this film; a new Fan!

Kept watching this film over and over again. I personally love how the characters were established and the actors executed their roles very well. The film narrative was very well written.

Absolutely blissful movie, I’m so lucky to discover it tonight! the story started as a real challenge for Ellie, she had to overcome Jordan’s grumpy behaviour towards her but she didn’t give up. Fabulous scenery of the island adds to the beauty of the story unfolding! Enjoyed watching it! 🙂

Great movie. I worked as a restorative aide around therapist in a nursing home and I commend them on the great job of getting people to recover to return home. I have a career diploma as a o.t. aide right now and I am working on getting my p.t. aide diploma. This movie meant a lot to me, it was wonderful.

This film is complete in its content. The music is great, and the actors are creative in their performance. The movie is very classy and far from cliché. I love it!

I have tears in my eyes watching this one, so natural, and I love the scenery, as if I was in there myself. Wow it’s a retreat to paradise indeed .

A perfect love story it’s definitely a must watch the ending is everything ❤

I really enjoyed this movie. It had a really good ending. We didn’t know whether Jordan was able to play again, but it didn’t matter. It was just nice that two people found each other to love!

I wish this movie was a bit longer. A surprisingly wonderful, feel good movie, my happy pill, warms my heart every time I watch it. Truly, love happens when you least expect it. Broken hearts can heal through love. Fiji is now on my bucket list of places to visit.