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RUSSIAN DOLL Season 2 Trailer (2022) Natasha Lyonne, Comedy Series

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Awesome. Really enjoyed season 1, and didn’t think there’d be a second season. Looking forward to it.

Adoro esta série!!!

Natasha Lyonne is a national treasure

Is this the same chick with Tara Reid from early American Pie movies? If yes, then she really IS a time traveller!

woohoo! can’t wait!!

This makes me so happy, can’t wait!

Even though Netflix is rubbish now, I hope she maintained creative integrity. As season 1 was great. Here’s hoping.

Fun fact, most real heroes weren’t made for it. So that truth makes this so refreshing.

Omg finaly !!!!!😍😍

it’s been so long, too long. how to even piece everything together now lol