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Russia’s Icy Northern Sea Coast | Free Documentary Nature

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Murmansk, the metropolis on the Barents Sea, is anything but Russia’s cold north. There’s always something going on here, for example the Olympic Polar Games. Ice surfing and ice swimming, reindeer racing, the first atom ice breaker in the history of the world, a corner shop in ice and snow, endearing village school lessons and the singing Norwegian Sea Fleet – arctic lifestyle far away, north of the polar circle.

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We don’t get sick she says… as she jumps into an icy lake to frolic around during a blizzard.

The spirit and devotion of that Russian lady who teaches five children in the village is to be well appreciated. I pray for the bright future of those children. It seems this video was taken in 2014 ( I noticed from the calender hanging in the house). Now things would have changed. God Bless. From Tamilnadu India.

I wish sometimes I was born in a remote place like this. I like the cold, I like the quiet, I like fish.. people seem to enjoy the simple things in life and love better than in big metropolitan areas in the west. Oh well always something to be grateful about any who ! Very nice documentary thank u 🙂

Interesting fact is that soon after this documentary was made (2014) Russian director Zviagintcev shooted his Leviafan movie in Teriberka village, it got a Golden Globe, Best Screenplay in Cannes, Oscar nom … and tones of press coverage, as well as Teriberka itself. So tourists started to got to the place and some development happened, a hotel, a camping, cafes appeared there and they are finally building a proper motorway to get there all year round and avoid snow drifts

Very informative & entertaining, with sincere human interest. Excellent!

I spent most of my time under ground digging for gem stones or under air-conditioning trying keep kool.

I used to stay at a village called Aultbea by the shores of Loch Ewe Wester Ross Scotland. Where the Artic Convoys used to leave from during WW2. These headed to Murmansk. In very dangerous conditions.