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Sacrifice (Free Full Movie) Crime Thriller, Serial Killer

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A convicted bank robber breaks free as he is being transported to prison after learning that his daughter has been killed by a serial killer. Determined to find her killer, he joins with a female cop who is working the case. Meanwhile, the FBI agent that he escaped from is hot on his trail.

Directed by Mark L. Lester
Starring Michael Madsen, Bokeem Woodbine, Jamie Luner
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Tension and intense movie. Never guess who the killer is until you watch the movie to the end. Good movie to watch

Can’t go wrong when Michael Madsen is starting in a film.

Can’t go wrong when Michael Madsen is starting in a film.

Great “who done it” thriller with some twist. After all, it stars Michael Madison who is a fine, and fun, actor.
Well worth watching!
Thanks so much, Popcornflix!

Nearly didn’t watch because I thought it was going to be too violent, but so glad I did! Superb story, a ‘proper movie’

Why do we women never listen when told to “stay in the car” 😂 .
I’m glad I watched it to the end.

June 24th 2020-an incredible journey into a world of suspence and the unknown. Thank you for sharing this wonderful flick. Extraordinary storyline and remarkable cast. Watching and enjoying this flick from the Fiji Islands.