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Savage Beauty | Official Trailer | Netflix

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Some secrets run deeper than scars. Introducing Rosemary Zimu, Savage Beauty premieres May 12, only on Netflix.

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I’m loving all of the quality foreign shows coming up on Netflix! This looks amazing!

I love how Netflix has introduced African Entertainment ( tv series and films ) I did not know how to get access to it before!! and i am loving the catalogue so far! Binge Worthy!!

This looks REALLY good. I can already tell this is going to be addicting. Let me mark my calendar now 😭

This looks pretty good. I’ll definitely check it out.

I wouldn’t mind seeing this actress as Storm in MCU

This is brilliant, I love the cast too 🤌🏽

I’m not going to lie, South African shows are great, this low key reminds me of Kings Of Joburg