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SHARK BAIT Trailer (2022) Thriller Movie

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Looks incredible. How did nobody ever think of a plot like this for a film before ??

This looks like the most original film ever. Amazing how they keep coming up with such fresh ideas!

Rule 1 of Horror movies. If a strange old man or woman tells you not to do something? Don’t.

NGL this looks awesome. They had me at stuck in the mid ocean with sharks underneath. That is my biggest nightmare. I look for sharks when swimming in the shallows lol

can someone tell me why Hollywood still making movies about the shark that kills people yet the sharks expert say the sharks are miss understanding creatures and should not be harmed at all they good for the sea eco

My interest is killed by the main characters making dumb decisions even by horror movie standards.

The world is revolving nobody wanna be poor, if you want money, you’ve got to invest. right guys?

i hope im wrong but something tells me we just saw the entire budget in this trailer.

They might as well steal the line “just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water” and change it up to “just when you think it couldn’t of gotten any stupider”