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Blue Realm – Episode 1: Shark Business
Shark Business unravels some of the mysteries surrounding sharks with controversial behaviorist Dr. Erich Ritter. You’ll witness divers testing the limits of shark-human interaction outside of cages with dangerous sharks such as lemon, bull and even great white sharks!
Recount the events that led to the attack that almost killed Dr. Ritter. Witness a feeding Frenzy of over 100 reef sharks in the Bahamas, and see a diver literally ride a Great White Shark in Gansbai, South Africa! This episode has shark action like you have never seen before!

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Encountered many sharks over the years while diving. To me, the scariest and most aggressive are beyond a doubt the Oceanic Whitetips.

If I was swimming in the ocean and saw a big GW shark coming at me then I would probably die of a heart attack, it wouldn’t even have to bite me! But I still think sharks are fascinating and am glad that there are shark conservationists out there working hard to save these animals.

I think that is a win win for both humans and sharks to be able to profit out of something that is not harming and actually being able to see what these beautiful animals do in their natural habitat is a great thing but always keep in mind these are huge powerful creatures

Those surgeons are the true hero’s of the story. They saved that dudes leg when most would have not.

There needs to be a complete ban on shark finning completely illegal if caught a missile will be launched at your boat

The diver is in the ocean grabbing the fin of a great white shark, and we’re warned, “Don’t try this at home.”. Really?

From saving the galaxy multiple times to narrating shark documentaries, master chief must be having a mid life crisis