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SHE-HULK Trailer (2022)

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What I always liked about She-Hulk was that she enjoyed having her powers. It looks like they did that part right.

Respect for Thanos is increasing day by day

I’m glad there bringing back shrek its been a while but it’s good to see there bringing back our childhood

I hope they upgrade the quality of this before release, because it looks a bit cheap with the cgi, compared to all their previous films 😬

I’m REALLY hoping this is as well written as the comic. She has always had some of the best dialogue and wit.

I’m not hating or anything cause this does look like it’s gonna be a decent show, but I feel like she hulks cgi needs to be improved a bit more she still looks a bit animated compared to hulk.

The best thing about the She-Hulk comics has always been the humor. Nice to see they’re incorporating that.

They should do her to look like Bruce more muscular,not like a distant cousin of Gamora from Guardians Of The Galaxy.

definitely like the concept but i mean like everyone says, more muscles, it’s she HULK (obviously not like towering and oversized muscles but rn she looks like a green avatar)