Shockwave FULL MOVIE AKA A.I Assault |

Shockwave FULL MOVIE AKA A.I Assault | Disaster Movies | George Takei | The Midnight Screening

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Seven minutes in and I’m already mad at the five people who were killed for being stupid. But I’m going to keep watching because…Joe Lando.

Great fun B rated movie!! First off: I REALLY want one of those guns that NEVER run out of bullets. Second: It had a great cast, several well knowns, 3 from Star Trek.

Love seeing Michael Dorn aka Worf playing in a different genre of film.

Great cast. Nice to see a couple of General Hospital alums. Joe Lando, Robert Picardo and Michael Dorn were superb. Great story. Great movie. Action kept going. Thanks.

Superb acting. Great story. Would watch this film over and over again. 😂😂😂😂😂

For a deserted island there sure were a lot of well-beaten paths. Must have been a popular GPS model back in the day.

Law of sci fi writers. When in danger, must fall down screaming.

The ship looks like a giant tick, 🤣 haha. And the gun that never runs out of bullet’s, amazing!

Lots of Sci Fi veterans in this with decades of experience showing us the far reaches of imagination. The execution would be enhanced by a bigger budget. They did a lot with the budget they had.