Sid Vicious: The Final 24 (Full Documentary) The Story of His Final 24 Hours

Sid Vicious: The Final 24 (Full Documentary) The Story of His Final 24 Hours

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Punk icon, suspected murderer and heroin addict Sid Vicious has just been released from Rikers prison in New York City. After a night of celebrating his freedom with friends and family, he wakes suddenly. Hell-bent on self-destruction, Sid ingests a massive amount of heroin into his recently drug free body. Sid is discovered dead the next morning. Final 24 delves into his past to uncover the series of events that led to Sid Vicious’ death and reveals for the first time a shocking revelation that sheds new light on his last day.


Directed by Mike Parkinson
Dave McRae

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Sid was surrounded by people setting him up to fail. So heartbreaking

Sid’s mother just sitting there while her son is overdosing and letting his “friend” deal with the situation as if it has nothing to do with her simply shakes me up.

Back when i was 16 thought this whole “live fast die young” thing was awesome and poetic. I was doing drugs daily and just completely destroying myself for no reason other than: “Who the hell want to be old anyway?” Now that im 22 i realize how short a life of only 21 years old actually is.

Even though I was a little girl around the time when the punk era was emerging, I can’t help but feel so sorry for both Sid and Nancy because they were 2 very tortured souls. My dad was 42 and had died of a heroin overdose as well.

Cannot believe the guy who bought him smack that day agreed to be interviewed.

With a mom like Sid’s, he never stood a chance.

Sooo scary I overdosed and as I was my ex now was beating on my chest trying to wake me up, he said I was snoring, he beat me good I had bruises on my boobs and chest, but as I woke up got home sat down I wanted more it’s sickening, I’ve been clean 5 years now and soo happy about that, I wasted 19 years of my life on heroin. I’m 39 and trying to live my life as I should have been years ago..