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Silent Retreat (2016). Full thriller movie.

Six members of a media company go on a weekend business retreat at an isolated lodge in the woods. When one of the members goes missing, they discover that the lodge was formerly a private mental institution. One by one, they fall victim to the dark secrets buried at the lodge.

Director: Ace Jordan
Cast: Donny Boaz, Rebecca Summers, Danilo Di Julio

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Woah! That was confusing, but what a fun one! I got confused at the end, but believe I figured it out. Loved this! 👏😁

Great Movie!

Good movie. Too bad it kept interrupting all of the ads. I was going to watch another of your uploads, but I like to watch movies, not ads. Thanks, for the upload.

Well, I didn’t hate it. The characters and acting were totally bearable.

Must be getting old, cuz I wouldn’t waste my time, but I DID!!! I’ve decided it’s the scriptwriter’s fault…actors, movie…nope, stinkin screenwriter! LOL Yet, if this had come out in the 80s, my friends n I’d watch n laff. Whatever. 😀

The movie is just a senseless complex. We can’t be certain whether to classify it in a thriller or horror or a paronormal category.

What a serie it could be!!!

Good movie lol 🤭😊

Good job!

The girls in horror movies are always very beautiful.

Wow Rita’s voice…

This woman is a liar on this video she cheats on her man 😂🤣

I found this a bit boring. People filmed in old house getting drunk and making sexual innuendo’s. I am half an hour in and not much has happened. 🤷‍♂️🤷

Until the Pinot it doesn’t seems a thriller film

Wooow nice worthy watching uploader thanks

Movie don’t make any sense in this movie is very twisted 🤔