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1944, Romania. A group of German soldiers is tasked with taking a scientist into a forest that is believed to be haunted.

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Wow, I came into this not expecting much… I was wrong, this turned out to be pretty dang good. I definitely recommend it to anyone reading my comment.

This entire movie is surreal, every moment leaves you wondering ‘what the h*ll?’ Good acting good photography and a great storyline. The good guys earn your respect and the villains are played so well that you really enjoy hating them. “Inspired By Actual Events.” Bear in mind “Alice In Wonderland” was inspired by actual events; “a young girl fell asleep while reading in the garden and dreamed of a large, white rabbit.” Nonetheless, a really great movie and highly recommended.

This was a really good film. I’m assuming it’s amateur-independent but you sure can’t tell from the quality. Excellent special effects and the acting is really good. What a pleasant surprise to come across this movie.

This would be a fantastic movie to watch on a theater size screen. It must have been great to watch it in a theater if it had a theatrical release.

actually quite a good film considering the obvious low budget and relatively unknown cast, good storyline too, many thanks

Evil in a deep dark forest reminds me of Germanic Fairy tales. I read Grimm’s tales extensively as a 10 year old. I also love “Die Kleine Hexa that also seems to be in that literary tradition. Just recently I learned from a German mother that Medieval parents told these scary dark forest tales to their children because the forests were indeed dangerous. Now in the USA we scare everybody with tales of a powerful hominid race called “Big Foot”. Wonder if those tales will make it to Europe.

This is a great shoot’em up movie. If you’re into gunfight movies you’ll like this one. The story line ain’t bad either.

A nice story tell. Good acting. From all of the science fiction scenarios. From my side. It tells that not ALL germans during that time are evil. Most are forced to obey their superiors. They have no choice. It is either to follow or die. The story also proves that no matter how powerful any man can be. If the hunger for power is for greed and corruption. In the end. All will die eventually from a simple reason.

A good movie held me from the start to the end Amazing acting story was weird but enjoyable

Hoia Baciu forest exists in Romania. You never have to go there. There people evaporate and others go crazy. Some say that birds don’t fly over the forest. Even the animals do not approach this forest. During the Second World War, some German soldiers disappeared with a tank. No one has found them to this day. This forest is called the “Bermuda Triangle” in Romania.

Really enjoyed this. Interesting setting and storyline. Decent performances from all.

What an exciting movie, thrilling from start to finish. Surreal but drama curve splendid.

Obviously there’s a great effort put in the creation of the film.. especially in the details. Bravo.

An actual modern ww2 movie that wasn’t that bad at all…. Apart from a few bits of poor cgi with that building in the forest, the plane in a few places & some of that blood which was a bit over the top, the rest of the film was actually really good & i enjoyed it.. That building in the forest, you should have made a model of it at least then it would have looked real.. If you can’t afford top quality cgi then don’t use it at all, as when you use poor cgi it ruins the whole film. The ghost thing in the woods was done really well. Good acting as well….

Watching World War II movies from the other side of the story is an eye opening for all of us.

Thirty minutes in, and I’m completely hooked!! Interesting character interactions. Thanks for uploading!

Worth watching. Very good and realistic special effects and a very good elaborate story.

That was a very enjoyable film, well worth the watch. ðŸ˜ģðŸĪŠðŸĪĪ👍👍😆😁😊🇎🇧🇎🇧.

Really good movie that captured my attention from start to end. Thank you for uploading. I will definitely be saving this movie to my favorites

“Inspired by actual events”…Translation : Loosely based on a comic book plot line; A scary campfire story that Archie told Betty, Veronica, and Jughead to scare Jughead into staying in Archie’s jalopy, and hopefully scare Betty & Veronica into staying with him in his tent so that he could finally find out if the girls were really “anatomically correct”

Interesting. Better than some WW2 movies in which the Nazis (try to) use supernatural forces.

“Inspired by actual events” that is an understatement it was pretty much a documentary and yes Panthers do jump out of the sky!

Critics, critics, critics..
He who cast the first stone….
Enjoyable movie I’m not going to nitpick it

A very decent film . Thank you . 9 out of 10 .

I have never seen such a disorganized group of scouts. While on a secret mission in an enchanted forest full of evil spirits and Russian guerilla fighters, they fight each other, yell very loudly, shoot up in the air, and do everything in their power to be found and shot. Nicely done. Speak of praised German efficiency and the ability to follow orders.

Really really good movie, great acting great story, great action,
Thank you guys for makin it. That’s why Hollywood went to s…. t
and nobody wants to watch them anymore,!!!
Keep on making great movies

As far as I know, German soldiers didn’t use tomahawks in WW11, however it could be a homemade viking war hatchet but it looks way too much as a North American Indian tomahawk which would explain his reference to the North American Indians. Either way my question stands, I don’t think it’s historically accurate.

A very interesting movie ðŸŽĨ had to watch until the end.