Some Are Born

Some Are Born | Full Crime Thriller Movie

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Great movie yall! ☺ It was sooooo on point!!! 🎯 Some are born killers & some are NOT!! πŸ‘Œ MC never disappoints!!!!! ❀

It’s a tragedy about the danger of substance abuse in college communities, and how normal people can get initiated into dangerous activities if they are indifferent to criminal behavior. 5 star indie film in my opinion.

Wow what a movie! Shows how easy it is to get dragged into the drug scene, so sad that these youngsters dont realise the dangers and consequences of what they are letting themselves into.

Fantastic movie! Very well acted, directed and written!

Excellent, intense, shocking, thought provoking, sad and very well done as it hits on hidden truths that only hurt in the end πŸ‘x 1O

That was an interesting movie 🍿πŸŽ₯ Thanks for posting

Dana Blackstone great actress, such a beautiful woman!!

I lived that life for 27 years, and I gotta tell ya, it ain’t pretty. So easy goin in, big deep hole digging, and then if you’re really blessed, a very deep hole to crawl out of. It takes years to mend, IF you’re really blessed.