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South Georgia – Penguin Paradise of the South Atlantic | Free Documentary Nature

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In the middle of the Antarctic Ocean, an entire mountain range arises from the water: South Georgia, the nursery of the Antarctic. Hundreds of thousands of penguins, elephant seals, fur seals and their young overcrowd the beaches. The rough weather and the extremely difficult access to the island cause filmmaking to be an endeavor requiring much of the film crew around Roland Gockel and Rosie Koch and the state of the art cameras. A lot of patience and sensitivity over a period spanning some five years now offers unknown and poignant insights into the life of the King Penguins on South Georgia Island.

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This is my first time learning about penguins and their community. Thanks for this beautiful documentary. This also serves as an example of how nature provides its best to the habitats. When you feel like what is the meaning of living the life, always look up to the nature. Not just us, but every animals living on this planet has to go through a lot.

A big smile automatically comes in my face everytime I see those little penguins walk around. ūüėĀ

Parabéns e muito sucesso, lugares lindo natureza preservada!

It’s kinda awesome that the buildings and wreckages that was abandoned actually helps the animals there and use it for homes and protection to.

This is an amazing story,I really enjoyed it, some parts a little sad but overall it made me very happy, that place is a paradise

This is my first time learning about South Georgia Penguins and they live a different life from their northern cousins where fathers stay all winter alone. I wasn’t aware that the 1st year chicks approaching their second winter spent it alone on the Island. This was so interesting a program given that I am English and living in the UK. I was amazed at the time it took for the whales to return after their slaughter let alone the seals. Mans greed has done so much to harm the diversity of this planet, normal folk like myself although feeling ashamed have little say in what goes on. I had no idea the Falkland’s and South Georgia Islands were so diverse in marine life. This tale was so lovely told, educational and so interesting from start to finish. Thank you for what must have been a herculean and long effort in often inclement weather conditions to produce such a documentary.

If this doesn’t teach people that you’d world and wildlife is important I dont know what is. I watched the entire documentary and this made me respect all wildlife on a much bigger scale